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Arrow Tips

These adorable arrow tips are wonderful filler pieces for gallery walls and those small pesky wall spaces. Offered in two sizes and various finish options. (set of 3)


We recommend using command strips on the back for hanging, however these pieces are not provided. 


If you have a custom color you want ,just comment "custom" in the finish box and we'll contact you to discuss further.


These pieces are hand cut and hand painted by us, so no two pieces are alike giving them each their own unique charm. Because we use real wood you should expect variances in wood grain, knots, holes, sap slits, chips, cracks and texture. We allow these flaws to add character to the piece.

  • Return Policy

    All Sales Are Final


    Because all our pieces are made to order and personalized by each customer, we do not accept returns or issue refunds. If there is a defect in our product, please send us a message.