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Farmhouse Curtain Rod Shelf

Our Farmhouse Shelving Curtain Rods are great for style and functionality.


When measuring for your Custom Farmhouse Curtain Rod Shelf, we require an outside to outside measurement for the length. We then make each piece with an additional 3 inches on each end for it to come past the window/door.

Example: a 24" window (outside to outside) requires a 30" shelf.

If you have trim/moldings around your window you will want to measure in the same manner but to the outside edges of the trim so the shelf extends past each end.

We recommend 8 inches in addition to the width of the window/door. This space is to allow for the curtains to be pushed to the sides, for opening/closing.
Example: For a 24" window, you would need to order a 32" shelf. 

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    Because all our pieces are made to order and personalized by each customer, we do not accept returns or issue refunds. If there is a defect in our product, please send us a message. 

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